Mih'Sarhia Vin Saar

Sarhia is a Chev. Very tall, around 6'4", with near white skin and long white hair. She has a prominent and large forehead/brow, with lidless black eyes.


Battle Sense
Weapon Lightsaber
Force User
Mind Trick (force)
Disarm (force)

21 – Mind
17 – Battle
21 – Life

Racial Abilities

  • Superior Eyesight: Chev do not have the same eyes humans do, they essentially have long range vision for low-light, dust filled air, etc.
  • Quick Healer – Chev have two hearts and lifespans of over 300 years. There’s a reason why they were kept as such valuable slaves.

Sarhia (Sah-ree-ha) was born on Vinsoth, and as a Chev her life was already written for her. She was born into slavery like generations of her ancestors before her. The Chevin, a rather unique looking snouted pachyderm race, have enslaved the humanoid Chevs for as long as history records. Her family, consisting of two older brothers and her father, were all the property of a Chevin by the name of Rars Gullisak. Sarhia’s mother died giving birth to her. This young Chev grew up with raw calloused hands, building and working, learning all she could from the men around her. Both races are nomadic herd keepers taking care of large groups of Backshin. The backshin are creatures of burden but surprisingly intelligent for a herd animal. They frequently bond with their Chev caretakers; the animal is a cross between a large dingo and a bison. They are incredibly quick with elongated dog like features and ears, the males horned, with long quadraped legs and thick coats. Sarhia in particular bonded with a young backshin she named Pahn, who would follow and carry her around with utmost loyalty. At a young age, her oldest brother and Sarhia began showing signs of force sensitivity. It led to them frequently working odd jobs for their master with building and fixing high tech level electronics – they seemed to just understand how things worked, how to put them together. Jedi rarely visited the slave planet, and slaves were rarely allowed to travel so the gifts of the children there were overlooked by the Jedi council. She trained with the young men of her tribe as one of their own, frequently sparing and winning.. it is likely that due to her force sensitivity, she was easily able to persuade her owners to allow her to fight, learn, and prosper like her male slave counterparts when it was generally frowned upon for women to work with the technology, fight, or control large herds.

The Chev had a rich cultural identity – they created art, had many folklore and dances, and varied customs. It was tradition to mix blood among the slaves, their masters buying the offspring of other slaves to keep the bloodlines varied and strong. When she was only 15, already renowned as one of the strongest of the young slaves and master mechanic/builder, her master decided to capitalize on her value and sell her to another tribe to be married off. She resisted but still was taken off to the distant tribe, away from her family and into a rather strict Chevin tribe. They treated the women merely as property and beasts of childbearing. While her previous masters doted upon her talents but remained strict, this new tribe immediately began plans to marry her off to an older, strong, obedient male Chev by the name of Juns’t. She longed for her freedom… and began to look for any way out of this situation, either back to her family or to abandon it all to a distant planet whenever the opportunity came when merchant traders were around. Unbeknownst to Sarhia, her impending marriage was not as important as the ships that had landed on the other continents and were making their way towards hers. Mandalorians sought out Vinsoth as a profitable outpost. It had relatively little galactic activity outside of trade, was very distant and remote, and with docile people, half of them slaves, and nomadic so they didn’t have much communication with each other. The perfect outpost to continue building their empire!

Sarhia planned her escape, and two nights before the wedding she packed up Pahn with as much as she could carry and rode off towards the east where her family was last. As she was riding, a group of Mandalorian scouts surrounded her. She was taken captive and willingly submitted. These were outlanders – she might be able to escape on their ship. By utilizing the force to persuade/mind-trick them, she convinced them of her usefulness and was taken back to base quickly. She told them she had much knowledge to assist them in their endeavor, planning on escaping in one of their ships. She stayed with the Mandalorians for a year, learning all she could while secretly making plans for her escape. On the eave of her 17th birthday, she saw her chance when a Jedi scouting mission came to investigate the planet after intel about the Mandalorian invasion. She stowed away onto a ship that was off to intercept them. When the Jedi boarded, Sarhia assisted them by capturing some of the Mandalorians off-guard and holding them prisoner while the two Jedi made their way to the bridge… but not before one of the Mandalorians alerted reinforcements to her betrayal! Clearly they’re out to get her now as the slave who betrayed them after they took her under their wing!

The two Jedi, an Ithorian and Human (names or backstory to be announced), realized Sarhia’s sensitivity to the force and began to give her rudimentary lessons on the way back to the council. Now she’s traveling back with the Jedi to perhaps gain entry into the academy and assist with their fights against the Sith and Mandalorian…. and perhaps free her people?

There is a prophecy among the Chevs that one day they will be free, and be rulers of the galaxy.

Mih'Sarhia Vin Saar

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