The year is 3,970 BBY.

After 20 years of rebuilding known as The Restoration Period the galaxy is once again on the edge of all out war. It seems that the talks of peace between the Republic and the Mandalorians have all about stopped and the questions of “if” war will happen have all but turned into questions of “when”. The two superpowers have spent the last 20 years recovering from The Great Sith War which nearly crushed both sides. Under the leadership of Mandalore the Ultimate The Mandalorian army, with there allies of the Sith, have slowly started taking over planets outside the Republic borders in a quest to rebuild the vast kingdom that once stood. While the Republic is in a constant state of fear and terror do to the ever-increasing conflict that seems to be looming the Jedi order have been finishing a secret project known as the Orion Project that could change the tides of war. Times are dark and hope of peace and prosperity seemed to have all about disappeared and ride on the hope of several strangers bound together by faith.

Star Wars Episode 0 - The Orion Project

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